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From Andrea Cappelli <>
Subject Dynamic wsdl
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2014 06:35:39 GMT
Hi list,
I'm newbie of Axis

I started managing an old app using Axis2 1.5.3 that runs on jetty 9.1.3 
which listen http on a specific port furthermore; the app is proxied on 
port 443 by apache2.2 using a proxypass directive for "public" use and 
on port 80 on a local (private) address

My problem is that I would have the wsdl dymamic generated (with correct 
endpoint) based on the "intermediate" source the request come from 
(direct from jetty, apache on 443, apache on 80)

Let me explain with an example

1) I have a server with 2 interfaces, one public (IP and one 
private (IP
2) jetty runs on port 8090 on the private IP
3) apache runs port 443 on public interface (ServerName and 80 on private interface (with ServerName domain.local)
4) the app is called myapp and exposes a service myservice
5) In apache vhost I set ProxyPreserveHost and a ProxyPass like /myapp
6) apach

What I want is that
1) when someone hit the 
endpoint in wsdl contains
2) when someone hit http://domain.local/myapp/services/myservice?wsdl 
the endpoint in wsdl contains 
3) when someone hit 
http://domain.local:8090/myapp/services/myservice?wsdl the endpoint in 
wsdl contains http://domain.local:8090/myapp/services/myservice

How can accomplish this?

Thank you

Andrea Cappelli

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