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From David Perra <>
Subject axis2.AxisFault: [clientAuthRequired] No se ha encontrado el certificado de cliente (client certificate not found)
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2013 10:23:53 GMT
Hello everybody.
I am obtaining this exception (client certificate not found) when trying to
connect to a secure Web Service that requires a client certificate. I am
using a web service client automatically generated by axis2, using the
Eclipse wizard.

This is the calling code, that causes the exception in the last line:

System.setProperty("","C:\\Archivos de
System.setProperty("", "changeit");
System.setProperty("", "changeit");
ServicioBoletinStub lala = new ServicioBoletinStub();
ConsultaDeCatalogo cons = new ConsultaDeCatalogo();
ConsultaDeCatalogoResponse conResp = lala.consultaDeCatalogo(cons);

The client certificate is imported in "clientes.jks" keystore, and all the
other required certificates for the authentication path are in "cacerts".
The only weird thing I had to do was to convert the client certificate from
.p12 to .cer, because keytool was complaining that the .p12 file was not an
x509 certificate. The .p12 file was encrypted with a password, but the .cer
file is not, so I am afraid that something was missed during the
conversion. I am very new to handling certificates so I do not know what I
am missing.

Thank you very much.

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