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From Martin Gainty <>
Subject RE: Spring integration for Axis2
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2013 10:33:23 GMT
In the case of Axis2M I dont know what Spring Framework will do for Maven?

Maven Injector will use 
PlexusFramework for maven2.x
GuiceFramework for maven 3.x

The maven injectors are hardwired to either Plexus or Guice so I dont see ther advantage to
Either Plugin framework with Spring? perhaps you can elucidate?

Axis2.xml is static and doesnt change for either modules you wish to engage or new services
you wish to deploy
Axis2.xml configuration is read in initially at startup and implemented by service modules
requesting that information

FWIK: Plugin frameworks are generally implemented for adjusting configuration parameters 'on
the fly'
As far as achieving your first 2 stated objectives of using Spring to configure Axis Service
on the fly I would suggest

You'll want to be careful here as introducing Spring into Axis will slow your creation of
Service Stub and Client
an additional followup task would be to see how you can speed up the ServiceStub and Client
creation process
possibly by caching the instance creation when no parameters have changed?
Your 3rd objective may involve AOP and require extensive knowledge of implementing code which
will react to
AOP events
This fellow started an AOP aware Axis Servlet Engine but only went as far as Axis 1.2
This sounds like a fun project you are undertaking
Please Keep us apprised
Martin Gainty 
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Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 20:53:36 +0530
Subject: Spring integration for Axis2

Hi All,

I'm Gihan Madushanka  an undergraduate and planning to participate GSoC 2013 program. I'm
planning to develop a new Spring integration project for Axis2 based on two 3rd party projects
called  WSO2 WSF-Spring and Axis2M. In present both the above projects seem not active also
I noticed that there were few discussions happened on Axis2 developer mailing list time to
time but didn't make continuous progress.  I have studied  Axis2M code base up to some extend
and managed to run samples mentioned here further
I'm planning to start my initial tasks around this code base. I found following
page and tutorial  about WSO2 WSF-Spring but couldn't find neither
code base or downloads.

For the moment I found following points as objectives of this projects.

1.) Use Spring application context file to configure Axis2 framework without using axis2.xml
2.) Use Spring application context file to add Axis2 web services and Axis2 modules.
3.) Use Spring application context file to access Axis2 web service from client side.

I  appreciate if you can help me to find more objectives and to identify scope and priority
of  above objectives. Further please let me know the procedure which  I should follow before
 submitting my proposal to GSoC program.


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