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From Oscar Rugama <>
Subject Ws Axis2 several logs goes to one log
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2013 07:54:30 GMT


        I´ve deployed three web Services on my Axis2 container and something stranged it´s
happening, i thinki it´s not critial at all, but at least it bother us.

        As i said, we have deployed three web services nad each webservice has its own log4j
with its own, what it happens it´´s than when axis2 starts, all the logs
all of these three web services goes to only log. I´ll explain with example

  ie:     Ws1 has log1
           Ws2 has log2
           Ws3 has log3

  If i deploy ws in this way, first Ws1, Sencond Ws2 and third Ws3 , all the logs will go
to log3

  If i undeploy Ws2 and deploy again Ws2 what it happens it´s that all logs go to log2.

  Every time i redeploy a Ws all the logs go to the log of the Ws i´ve deployed

  Are there any way to have three logs working separately? Each Ws with eahc log

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