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From Ryon Day <>
Subject Questions: 1.7.0
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2012 05:31:40 GMT
Hello all, I've been a happy Axis user for a few years now; my company leverages a few commercial
SOAP-based web services quite often, and Axis has treated me quite well in my development
endeavors; I find it far more straightforward than CXF, and ADB nicer on the eyes than the
other databindings, so thanks for everything! 

I recently came across 1.7.0 quite randomly, as it's on the various Maven repos, and I have
a few questions around it:
1: 1.7.0 is not on the main Apache Axis site, and there is in fact no mention of it at all.
Has it not been officially released? 
2: The download link is completely broken on the 1.7.0 site; it appears to be some sort of
permissions problem on the server
3: A presentation I found touted 1.7.0 leveraging of Lists, Generics, and real Java Enum objects.
However, after downloading a 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT package and running wsdl2java on a few of the
WSDLs we deal with, I was sad to see that the ADB client still had the same old arrays and
typesafe-enum pattern things, even for types explicitly labeled as "enumeration" in the WSDLs.
XMLBeans seemingly has always had support for 1.5-type stuff. Was I leveraging wsdl2java incorrectly
in this case? I did not see an additional command line switch for ADB to use this sweet, sweet
syntactic sugar.

Thanks a lot!

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