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From subs subs <>
Subject [Axis 2] Problem embedding Axis2 into existing web application
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2012 09:33:22 GMT
I am a newbie to Axis2. I am currently trying to add Axis2 to my web
application running on one of the instances of Tomcat 4.1.12(Our Tomcat
installation is configured for multiple instances and I am trying to add
Axis2 to a web application running at one of them).

I read some information about adding Axis2 to existing applications at

I encountered following problems in embedding Axis2:

1) I am not clear if we have to configure Axis2 in Tomcat(copy axis2.war
into tomcat webapps) before starting to embed Axis2 to in our existing
2) I tried to follow the steps exactly as in the above web page. I got the
following error 'java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
   I assume I have to add some jars to the classpath. So first I copied the
axis2.war to $CATALINA_BASE/webapps folder and restarted Tomcat. But Tomcat
did not explode the war file(Strangely I did not find  any error messages
also!) . Then I tried with the binary distribution of Axis2(axis2-1.6.2). I
see that there are about 114 jars in the axis2/axis2-1.6.2/lib directory of
   binary distribution. Do I need to add all of them to the classpath? Am I
following the correct way of embedding Axis2?

Please let me know. I tried to look in the web for answers, but could not
find much help


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