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From Daniele Segato <>
Subject Axis1 1.4 - How do I generate BindingStub and Proxy for endpoint overriding?
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 18:16:14 GMT

I've been given an old, undocumented, code for which I have to upgrade 
the WSDL and then develop using new services. (Axis1, NOT Axis2)

Already generated methods have many classes (v1 directory):

on the new generated one:

SoapBindingStub and Proxy classes are missing and I need them. and are very 
similar, but the latter has addBinding0, addBinding1 methods with more 
QNames definitions, something like:

             qName = new 
javax.xml.namespace.QName("", "SomeType");
             cls = java.math.BigInteger.class;


cls, qName));


cls, qName));

on the other end the Proxy class do not resemble other classes, it 
implement the _PortType interface and apparently is used as a decorator 
to the BindingStub class that limit itself only to override the endpoint:

   public OldServiceProxy(String endpoint) {
     _endpoint = endpoint;

   private void _initOldServiceProxy() {
     try {
       oldService_PortType = (new 
       if (oldService_PortType != null) {
         if (_endpoint != null)


           _endpoint = 

     catch (javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException serviceException) {}

for every other methods it delegate to the service returned by the locator.

I've no experience in axis and googled a lot (even tried to study the 
axis 1.4 source code) before coming here to ask.

My question is: how do I generate those two classes?

thank you very much in advance
Daniele Segato

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