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From Danny Gallagher <>
Subject CXF / Metro / Axis2
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2012 18:27:49 GMT
I was looking for a bit of information from experienced
users of different java web services frameworks.
Specifically, CXF, Metro, axis2

I have an new environment with many different web services: WSDL and REST,
Java and .NET WCF
So I've been trying to go through the specfics of each framework to
determine which is the best
for my environment.

Here is what I've found, based on a few hours of googling.

CXF     - PROS - WSDL and REST  (implements both JAX-WS and JAX-RS)
           - CONS - Doesn't support WSIT for the WSDL side of things, for
WCF/Java interoperability

Axis2   - CONS - REST support for only GET and POST (seems to use wsdl
behind the scenes even for REST?)

Metro   - PROS - WSIT support on the wsdl side.
         - REST support if I include Jersey

So it seems like CXF or Metro is a good choice, depending on how many wsdl
services I think
will be Java/WCF or WCF/Java.
Any input, opinions, past experiences, corrections, etc, appreciated:


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