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From "Stadelmann Josef" <>
Subject JAXWS JAXB and Exception's
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2012 10:12:52 GMT

I am about to find out about what is supported or gives the biggest
chance to work in a heterogeneous environment

a)	Heterogeneous from OpenVMS Axis2-1.6.1, Service to Windows
Vista, .NET WCF C# Client.
b)	Homgeneous from any Java based Axis2 JAXWS Service to any Java
based Axis2 JAXWS Client.

The issue is that using Java Annotations such as @WebFault are very
badly documented; at least one cannot find much clever words about how
that shall work including marshalling all the details of the origination
server side custome exception between a axis2 java based service raising
such a custom exception and a java based client getting hopefully the
same custome exception marshalled properly , then to be raised again in
the client side try catch blocks. 

And maybe you know what that means for heterogenous environments when
between a service implemented as axis2/j on and a client implemented by
.NET C# WCF framework.

in short: what are the requirements to used axis2 jaxws / jaxb and
marshall a custome exception from service to client to re-rais the same
at the client?

Any links to clever running examples or good documents or books very
And yes - good news - if you do somethin wrong mostly still a SOAP Fault
is retured to the client but mostly not containing the informations you


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