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From "Stadelmann Josef" <>
Subject AW: [axis2] migrating axis2-1.2 to axis2-1.6.1 actionMapping Problem
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 18:12:26 GMT
Thank you Martin


I am not having a WSDL; 


By default an Axis2-1.2-server when set with the service.xml as shown below, without an <outputActionMapping>
defined returns for an <actionMapping>urn:login</actionMapping> urn:login in the
soap response header. But an Axis2-1.6.1-server returns by default urn:loginResponse in its
soap response header.


Adding  <outputActionMapping>urn:login</outputActionMapping> to servioce.xml overrides
this default behaviour to return urn:login, what my .NET WCF client stub expects.

The client stub can be generated to expect urn:loginResponse, but all must match.


The thing I am wondering is how to do the same by coding at the service. BUT this is not important
for the moment as my clinet works and as it gets always urn:login back from regardless if
Axis2-1.2 or Axis2-1.6.1 is engaged.




The service.xml can do it . . .



    <service name="SpezplaService" scope="soapsession">

        <description>SpezplaService with login, fktmap and logout using Apache Axis2/Java</description>

        <module ref="addressing"/>

        <parameter name="ServiceClass" locked="false">axawl.spezpla.servers.SpezplaService.SpServer</parameter>

        <operation name="login">

            <messageReceiver class="org.apache.axis2.receivers.RawXMLINOutMessageReceiver"/>




        <operation name="fktmap">

            <messageReceiver class="org.apache.axis2.receivers.RawXMLINOutMessageReceiver"/>




        <operation name="logout">

            <messageReceiver class="org.apache.axis2.receivers.RawXMLINOutMessageReceiver"/>







Von: Martin Gainty [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 10. November 2011 16:45
Betreff: RE: [axis2] migrating axis2-1.2 to axis2-1.6.1 actionMapping Problem


<wsdl:operation name="handleStringArray" parameterOrder="input">
   <wsdl:input name="handleStringArrayRequest" message="impl:handleStringArrayRequest"/>
   <wsdl:output name="handleStringArrayResponse" message="impl:handleStringArrayResponse"/>
<wsdl:message name="handleStringArrayResponse">
  <wsdl:part name="output" element="impl:outputElement"/>

............ändern Sie zu................

 <wsdl:operation name="handleStringArray" parameterOrder="input">
<wsdl:input name="handleStringArrayRequest" message="impl:handleStringArrayRequest"/>
<wsdl:output name="handleStringArrayResponse" message="impl:handleStringArray"/>
<wsdl:message name="handleStringArray">
  <wsdl:part name="output" element="impl:outputElement"/>

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Subject: [axis2] migrating axis2-1.2 to axis2-1.6.1 actionMapping Problem
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 15:16:18 +0100

I migrated my web service from axis2-1.2 to axis2-1.6.1 and have the following anomalie now:

There are 3 methodes




Resulting in a 

Action urn:login, urn:fktmap urn:logout

As a response from axis2-1.2    I  got always urn:login                      urn:fktmap  

As a response from axis2-1.6.1 I  get new     urn:loginResponse        urn:fktmapResponse

So that has changed from axis2-1.2 to axis2-1.6.1 what ever is correct I don't mind !!! 

For me the interface between the two has changed dramatically with a for us very unplesant
side effect which we don't know how to handle at the moment.


My client is a Visual Basic .NET with transport dlls in Visual C#.NET based on WCF 3.5

The generated stub expects urn:login and urn:login with the response too. But now gets urn:loginResponse
instead adding "Response" to all action elements

And fails to deliver ofcourse.

I have fixed my stub to expect for a urn:login action a urn:loginRespons action back and that

BUT - we have a lot of operating servers and we have only 3 client codse release cycles per

We have now old axis2-1.2 based services behaviour which deliver urn:login action for Request
and Response

And we have new axis2-1.6.1 based behaviour which concatenates to each request action code
the word Response on a return from server.


I can not reconstruct my client to deal with 2 DLL's one expecting urn:login the orther expecting
urn:loginRespons as action back from server.



How can I prevent Axis2-1.6.1, from returning urn:loginResponse but retruning urn:login only

NOTE: no WSDL was used for code generation at all, all is  just java coded using OMElement
very much as the examples in axis2 samples do.



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