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From robert lazarski <>
Subject Re: Spring property injection failing in Tomcat
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2011 20:49:49 GMT
On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 4:27 PM, Barry Hathaway <> wrote:
> After taking Robert's suggesting of RTFM rather than just following the
> examples,
> I realized the my ServiceObjectSupplier in services.xml might be incorrect.
> I changed it
> and nothing changed. I am still not able to have Spring grab my
> sadlServer.kbaseRoot
> parameter out of Tomcat's context.xml and inject it into my bean.
> My services.xml is:
> <serviceGroup>
> <service name="SadlServiceSpringInit"
> class="">

Its unusual to init Spring in an Axis2 service, most commonly that
would be done as in the docs, via web.xml.

> <description>
>      This web service initializes Spring.
> </description>
> <parameter name="ServiceClass"
> <parameter name="ServiceTCCL" >composite</parameter>

You only need ServiceTCCL when loading Spring in the aar and not the
Servlet Container, the docs try to make it clear its typically not

> <parameter name="load-on-startup" >true</parameter>
> <operation name="springInit">
> <messageReceiver
> class="org.apache.axis2.receivers.RawXMLINOutMessageReceiver"/>
> </operation>
> </service>
> <service name="SadlService" scope="soapsession">
> <description>
>      SadlService Spring POJO Axis2 AAR deployment

Not sure how the Spring / POJO stuff works myself, I've never used it.
Not sure I can help there. The docs I refer to are here:

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