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From Himakar Chennapragada <>
Subject Axis2 question
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2011 06:40:20 GMT
We have an Axis2 timeout issue that we are trying to resolve and need your 
urgent help.  Any input/comments are highly appreciated.  Thanks!

Here is some background information and questions:

We have multiple threads calling out to same or different web services. We 
use a new ServiceClient for each invocation to an external web service 
(same or different service) with the REUSE_HTTP_CLIENT option; each 
invocation has its own set of "Options" as well.  We do that partly 
because the threads doing the invocations can invoke many different web 
services (not just one) and I am sure there is room for improvement in 
that area (see my second question below).

We use Axis2 v1.4.1.

Here are my questions:
1.  We had a timeout issue where the timeout is not being honored properly 
and I put in a patch (see patch details below) and it still does not 
work/honored for larger workloads; for very small workloads it is fine 
tho.  I put in a patch to set timeout for each invocation but it still 
didn't help.  I could see that the new timeout values are being set 
properly (after I applied the patch) in the "options" but no luck.  Any 
idea why the timeouts are not still honored even after applying the patch? 
 (my guess is due to the way we use a new ServiceClient with the HTTP 
REUSE option but I could be wrong).

Patch details:
The patch is applied to 

2. Also wondering if it is a good idea to use only one ServiceClient for 
different services?

Best Regards,
Himakar Chennapragada
IMS e-Business, SOA Development
IBM Silicon Valley Lab, San Jose, CA
Phone: 408-463-4758, Tie Line: 543-4758

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