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From robert lazarski <>
Subject Re: Axis2 SOAP Monitor on OutFlow to a foreign server
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2011 11:56:09 GMT
On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 3:00 AM, Jose Marin <> wrote:
> Hello Dear Users,
> Does anyone out there know how setup Axis2 soapmonitor so that I can view
> the envelopes being sent by my client to a server not under my control?
> I am passing my client constructor a local axis2 configuration context
> (repository and axis2 config) but the endpoint is an address out there in
> the world. I have minimal (if any) error messages coming back,and all of
> them proprietary (can't be Googled). I can't see the outgoing soap
> envelopes, only the body I'm creating from (via
> System.out). I have verified this is correct so it must be the envelope is
> wrong. Or at least I could verify if I could see it as I assemble it.
> Should I be passing the client an axis2 repository that is currently being
> served to do this? Right now I'm passing it a repository that is not being
> served but is deep in the file system. I have tried loading a context that
> is being used by a set of services I'm serving online; I can use the
> soapmonitor there just fine to intercept calls to those servers, I just
> couldn't figure out how to route my client to go though it before hitting
> the web.
> I'm also using ssl (it's a requirement). Which is why I'm not using tcpmon
> instead.
> Thank you everyone and anyone who participates.
> Jose Marin

You can't see the client soap envelopes over https via the soap
monitor? The last time I tried encryption you could. Does putting
axis2 / your servlet container in debug help? I'm not sure I
understand the problem ... but if else fails I'd consider debugging
using some type of proxy / apache server to do the https part, sending
it in plain text from axis2. With that latter idea you could even use
wireshark to help.

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