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From Christophe Noel <>
Subject RE: ServiceClient behind an Axis Service
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2011 08:32:25 GMT
Dear all,

I solved my Axis problem.

The  listening endpoint automatically created by Axis was not correct.

When using a ServiceClient (itself behind an Axis Service), the reply-to endpoint should point
to the application (which manage the ServiceClient) and a servlet-mapping should map the endpoint
to AxisServlet.

In my case, the endpoint automatically created by ServiceClient didn't point to any existing
application (it was http://host/axis2/... But there is no axis2 application).

In order to solve the problem  I simply added the following line to my asynchronous service
client :

options.setReplyTo(new EndpointReference("http://""/myapplication/services/myCallback"));

(There is already a servlet-mapping for "myapplication/services/*" to AxisServlet).

I hope it helps.

Christophe Noël


From: Christophe Noel []
Sent: jeudi 7 juillet 2011 10:23
Subject: ServiceClient behind an Axis Service

Dear all,

I'm using the Axis2 ServiceClient in order to send a non-blocking request using "separate

The ServiceClient is used by a thread behind a Axis Web Service. My code works fine as a single
application, but, when behind the Axis Service, I cannot receive the Callback.
The possible problem may come from the fact that the ServiceClient creates a listener precisely
on the port used by the WPS, and thus, I suppose that the Axis Service (or web.xml) should
"forward" the request to the right listener, but I don't know how.

Any help is very welcome.

Note that Axis2 is embedded into an existing application (



Code used :
                                                setExecuteClient(new ServiceClient()) ;
Options options = new Options();
                  // set the workflow endpoint
                  options.setTo(new EndpointReference(processesPrefix+algorithmID));
                  // use WS-Adressing (to perform asynchronous request)
                  // get the callback manager
                  CallbackManager callback = new CallbackManager(this);
                  // send the request
                  // Following doesnt work
                  getExecuteClient().sendReceiveNonBlocking(XMLUtils.toOM( ((Document)doc.getDomNode()).getDocumentElement()),

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