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From Stephen Cresswell <>
Subject Missing security policy when soapAction != location
Date Sun, 10 Apr 2011 23:17:01 GMT

I'm using apache axis2 1.5.2 and rampart-1.5, however unless the operation
is configured exactly as follows, the message context never gets an
effective security policy, and ramparts security handlers are bypassed. The
trouble is I think the following is wrong. the soapAction isn't a meaninful
URI of the operation (e.g., and the
soapAction will no longer be unique. Also confusing is that if I try and
change the location to anything else (e.g. 9095 instead of 8080), I get a
MustUnderstand failure. This is weird because axis2 isn't even running on
8080, so I don't see why it should care if the port changes.

    <wsdl:binding name="PostCodeBinding" type="tns:PostCodePortType">
        <soap:binding style="document" transport=""/>
        <wsdl:operation name="getValidAddressTypes">
            <soap:operation soapAction="
                <soap:body use="literal"/>
                <soap:body use="literal"/>
            <wsdl:fault name="getValidAddressTypesFault">
                <soap:fault name="getValidAddressTypesFault" use="literal"/>
    <wsdl:service name="PostCodeService_1_0">
        <wsdl:port name="PostCodePort" binding="tns:PostCodeBinding">
            <soap:address location="

Can anyone shed some light?



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