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From "Stadelmann Josef" <>
Subject AW: Client WS-Addressing with multiple callback
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2011 11:29:50 GMT
Maybe this comment helps a bit, as I am not an expert on using this until now, just a few things,
but never went that far.


+++++++++++++++++++++++ an excerpt from here ++++++++++++++++ back in 16. Nov 2007 ++++++++++++++++++++++++


There are two separate issues in asynchronous webservices.

The first is whether the client code blocks and waits. The second is whether the transport
level is asynchronous.These two things are independent. 

The client is whether you use a callback, and the transport is whether you call


This requires WS Addressing because the server needs a signal to detach the client socket
and it needs the address to recontact the client on. 

You cannot bypass the socket timeout without this. 

To make the scenario you are using work you need to have both asynchronous client (so the
client thread does not wait) asynchronous transport (so the socket doesn't timeout, and asynchronous
message listener (so that the server can instantly reply HTTP 202 Accepted to the client.
In this scenario it will work fine and yes Axis2 does work. However, I think the samples probably
need some work to show this. 


On Nov 16, 2007 5:32 PM, Axis User < <>
> wrote:

Hi there,


*	I have AXIS2 release 1.3 installed (on PC, Windows XP)
*	I compile and deploy the ECHO service from \axis2\samples\userguide\src\userguide\example1
*	I start the server from \axis2\bin\axis2server.bat
*	I compile and run different  clients from \axis2\samples\userguide\src\userguide\clients
*	Everything works fine and I can run different clients and request is sent to server and
response comes back.

Now I want to test the Async (non-blocking) aspect of Axis2:


In server code in echo() function I put a thread sleep so that it keeps it busy before returning
to client and I am expecting that Axis2 engine will take care of non-blocking aspect and will
return back to Client in another channel (non-blocking async dual channel client) : 


I put below Thread sleep in server code in Echo() function:


public class MyService {
    public OMElement echo(OMElement element) throws XMLStreamException 


        //This is put with Try/Catch but is removed here to see it better

        return element;


So when I run the client the server will simulate doing a job of 60 seconds (1 minute) which
is more than the default Axis2 timeout of 30 seconds. What I would expect to see on client
side is :


OK - 1) If Sync client is run it should timeout as axis2 timeout is 30s and the server is
not done with its job. So I run the that's what I see it means it
times out and the FAULT() function in client is called. So far so good. 


Not OK - 2) If Async(non-blocking dual or regular) is run I would expect that finaly I will
receive the complete method of Client called (onComplete()) but it doesn't happen. I only
get onError() or Axis.Fault() called.


It means I assume that when I run the example it is going to
use 2 HTTP transport channels. The first one should timeout during request but the second
one should be used when responese is sent back after 60seconds. 


But what happens is after 30 seconds the onError() function :


  public void onError(Exception e)


inside Callback class is called. Then it just hangs and when the sleep on server side wakes
up after 60 seconds I don't receive any callback anymore on Client side. 


In case of the thread (eclipse IDE) or Dos Prompt is still
active and waiting but in case of the thread dies and you get the
Dos Prompt released.


I checked this article : <>


And tried to play with services.xml with below:


Listing 4. Associating message receivers with the IN-OUT MEP variable
    // other message receivers 
   <messageReceiver mep=" <>
" class=


But I get class not found error for org.apache.axis2.async.AsyncMessageReceiver. So probably
this article is old and this class doesn't exist anymore in new Axis release ?


I tried the code in this article: <> 


But most probably this article is old too as I get error in eclipse that it can't resolve
this clas CALL :


Call call = new Call();


And nothing to import.


In eclipse I also get depreciated warning for the included client code for Callback:


   Callback callback = new Callback()


I even change it to AxisCallback class in stead and its methods and run it but still same
problem I only get one callback which is during axis2 timeout.


So Question:

Has anybody got this non-blocking working? 


[I mean make it working when your server job is longer than the Axis2 timeout, as we have
a lot of tasks which will take half a day or day etc and we want to return to client longer
than Axis2 timeout. I know you can change the Axis2 timeout to maximum 6 days or so (maximum
of int) but that's not a good solution as we want to have network timeout in place don't want
to wait 6 days if it's network problem but our job might take longer than 6 days or so] 


Best Regards,






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Von: Christophe Noël [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 17. März 2011 09:27
Betreff: Client WS-Addressing with multiple callback


Dear all,


Could someone gives me a tip of what to do when I need to receives many callbacks from the
target service ?

Because the default (sendNonBlocking) method allows only one callback then directly close
after that.


Thanks for your help.


Kind regards,

Christophe Noël 

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