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From Devdatta Lele <>
Subject Re: Convert axis2C to Axis2Java
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2011 19:45:44 GMT
Hi Thilina,

Thanks a lot for taking a look at this ...

Here is the scenario:

[Note: I had to sanitize the files a little bit that I have attached here
due to proprietery reasons but I made sure that the conceptually nothing is

So At Server side, there are couple of files:

1) server_side_code.c and 2) services.xml

At Client side, there are couple of files as well:

1) client_side_code.c and 2) policy.xml

The libraries are created by compiling client_side_code.c (library name: and included it in policy.xml) and server_side_code.c (library
name: and included it in services.xml) separately.

Axis2C and Rampart was used for client and server side code for SOAP

Now my goal here is to come up with a java code (client only) that will
perform a CreateObject operation (mentioned in services.xml) and by doing
this it will send the SOAP request with security to the server and creates
the object.

I have already written a java code with SOAP (without security) and its
working fine ... now I just have to add the security part ...

So I am doing following:

1) Since for SOAP I am using Client STUB, initializing that with context
2) engaging rampart module (getting engaged successfully)
3) setting the property RampartMessageData.KEY_RAMPART_POLICY with the value
of policy.xml that I have attached.

Its giving me Encryption token missing error.

Now I know that in my policy xml, the module name (.so file) is the comipled
code from the C file and I have to do the same thing in JAVA as its in C
file. But since I dont have C skills so need help there.


On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 10:00 PM, Thilina Mahesh Buddhika <> wrote:

> If you can share the complete policy/scenario with us, then it would be
> much easier to point you to an equivalent rampart config.
> Thanks,
> Thilina
> On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 11:29 PM, Devdatta Lele <>wrote:
>> Hi I have RampartConfig used in Axis2C as follows:
>> <rampc:RampartConfig xmlns:rampc="">
>>                 <rampc:SecurityContextTokenProvider>path to a library
>> file</rampc:SecurityContextTokenProvider>
>>             </rampc:RampartConfig>
>> Unfortunately, I am using Axis2Java and want to use the same config in my
>> policy.xml ... what will be the equivalent ? The reason I am wondering about
>> this is that I was not able to find equivalent of
>> SecurityContextTokenProvider in Axis2Java/Rmpart config web page.
>> Thanks in advance.
> --
> Thilina Mahesh Buddhika

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