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From Nemeth Sandor <>
Subject [Axis2] AxisConfiguration is null
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2011 16:01:24 GMT

I'm stuck with the following problem:

I have generated a web service server skeleton from a WSDL provided by our
partner using Maven with the axis2-wsdl2code plugin and the proper settings.
I've packed this generated skeleton package into an AAR file and tried to
deploy it into a new Axis2 server. I've used the 1.5.4. binary
distributable, starting the server with axis2server.bat.

My main problem is that after the server processes my services, it starts
again with the following log (I've set the log level to debug to find out
what is going on in there):

[DEBUG] WSDLDefinitionWrapper(Definition,AxisConfiguration) entry
[DEBUG] setupMemoryParms(AxisConfiguration) entry
[DEBUG] AxisConfiguration is null.  This is unexpected
[DEBUG] WSDLWrapperBasicImpl(Definition def, URL wURL) called
[DEBUG] WSDLWrapperBasicImpl.prepare()
[DEBUG] Exit: populateAllServices.
[DEBUG] XMLStreamReader is
[DEBUG] Entry: populateAllServices

I'm not sure what this should mean, but after this it starts the
populateAllServices call again. It will end with this, and start it again.
Could you please help?

Kind regards,
*Sandor Nemeth*

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