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From Dennis Sosnoski <>
Subject Re: WSIT from SUN/ORACLE & Microsoft AND Apache/Axis2
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 21:41:28 GMT
Let me add to this that there's a *lot* of recent work going into
improving the Axis2 code base, and it looks like the next major Axis2
release will include greatly improved WS-Security/WS-SecurityPolicy
support - so don't take the rating in my article as necessarily
reflective of the long-term usability of the stacks.

  - Dennis

On 02/17/2011 10:37 AM, Dennis Sosnoski wrote:
> You can definitely use Axis2 as part of your web services
> environments. Axis2 has perhaps not been tested with WCF as
> extensively as Metro, but it has gone through a lot of
> interoperability testing. That said, there are aspects of each web
> services stack that may not work as well as they should, especially
> when it comes to the complex WS-* extension technologies. You don't
> mention just what you're looking for in this area, but the WS-*
> technologies are where WSIT comes into use.
> You can see my article at
> for
> a review of the state of WS-Security support in Axis2, CXF, and Metro
> (not quite up-to-date with the new Metro release, but fairly current).
> Other articles in the series
> (
> discuss some of the different types of WS-Security configurations that
> you might want to use.
>   - Dennis
> Dennis M. Sosnoski
> Java SOA and Web Services Consulting
> <>
> Axis2/CXF/Metro SOA and Web Services Training
> <>
> Web Services Jump-Start <>
> On 02/16/2011 10:08 PM, Stadelmann Josef wrote:
>> Can a AXIS2 Web Service Server or an Axis2 web service client be
>> setup to be integrated into a szenario as given below;
>> Pleas see also
>> _
>> *How WSIT Relates to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) *
>> Web services interoperability is an initiative of Sun and Microsoft.
>> The goal is to produce web services consumers and producers that
>> support platform independence, and then to test and deliver products
>> to market that interoperate across different platforms.
>> WSIT is the product of Sun's web services interoperability
>> initiative. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is Microsoft's
>> unified programming model for building connected systems. WCF, which
>> is now available as part of the .NET Framework 3.0 product, includes
>> application programming interfaces (APIs) for building secure,
>> reliable, transacted web services that interoperate with
>> non-Microsoft platforms.
>> In a joint effort, Sun Microsystems and Microsoft are testing WSIT
>> against WCF to ensure that Sun web service clients (consumers) and
>> web services (producers) do in fact interoperate with WCF web
>> services applications and vice versa. The testing will ensure that
>> the following interoperability goals are realized:
>> ·      * WSIT web services clients can access and consume WCF web
>> services.**and Apache/Axis2 web services***
>> ********·      * WCF web services clients** and Apache/Axis2 web
>> service clients** can access and consume WSIT web services.*
>> Sun is building WSIT on the Java platform and Microsoft is building
>> WCF on the .NET 3.0 platform. The sections that follow describe the
>> web services specifications implemented by Sun Microsystems in Web
>> Services Interoperability Technologies (WSIT) and provide high-level
>> descriptions of how each WSIT technology works.
>> The green bits is my whish list
>> Josef.Stadelmann

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