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From Rob Nugent <>
Subject WSDL and use of XmlSchemaComplexContentExtension
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2011 13:26:13 GMT

I'm using Axis2 to parse a piece of WSDL. I can do everything I want 
with one exception.

I start with WSDL11ToAllAxisServicesBuilder.populateAllServices(), and 
can then successfully navigate the model through AxisService, 
AxisBinding etc all the way to AxisMessage, when I then use the 
AxisMessage.getSchemaElement() call to get access to the XML Schema 
model of the message concerned.

I can then navigate all of the XML Schema model defining that message , 
with the exception of the following syntax (clipped from my WSDL) that 
uses 'extension':


<s:schema elementFormDefault="qualified" 

<s:complexType name="atype">
<s:element name="param1" type="s:int"/>

<s:complexType name="btype">
<s:extension base="tns:atype">
<s:element name="param2" type="s:int"/>

<s:element name="testRequest" type="tns:btype">

I can get as far as finding the XmlSchemaComplexContentExtension object 
for 'atype', but at this point I can't find a way to get access to the 
XmlSchemaComplexType object for 'atype', as only its QName seems to be 
available, and I can't find a way to determine the XmlSchemaComplexType 
for that QName.

If I had access to the underlying XmlSchema object(s) I believe that I 
could use XmlSchema.getTypeByName(QName), but I can't find anywhere in 
Axis2 to get hold of the XmlSchema(s).

If anyone can give any advice on this, I'd much appreciate it.


Rob Nugent

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