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From José Renato <>
Subject Eclipse + axis2 + wsdl = Undefined ConverterUtil.convertTo
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2011 19:34:38 GMT
Hi All,

I am trying to generate client classes (Stub and Callback) to access a
remote WS using axis2 inside Eclipse 3 (Helius) with a wsdl as source
supplied by a partner. The situation is that some objects do not present the
right converters, as this sample:

while (!reader.isStartElement() && !reader.isEndElement());

    if (reader.isStartElement() && new javax.xml.namespace.QName("

        java.lang.String content = reader.getElementText();

        //error: The next line is not properly generated (undefined method)


    }  // End of if for expected property start element
        // A start element we are not expecting indicates an invalid
parameter was passed
        throw new org.apache.axis2.databinding.ADBException("Unexpected
subelement " + reader.getLocalName());

I did one attempt replacing ConverterUtil by a Header.Factory.parse(reader)
to make the source compilable, but I guess this is not correct to be done.
Other weird thing is that using axis1, the classes are generated correctly.
How can I fix that? Could the third part wsdl be wrong?

Thanks in advance,
José Renato

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