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From <>
Subject [Axis2 JMS Transport]: In-out operation is not working with IBM Websphere MQ
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2010 06:23:25 GMT
Hi All,

We have enabled JMS transportreceiver and JMS transportsender on axis2 v1.5.1 with JMS transport
v1.0.0 to connect to IBM Websphere MQ v7.0.1.2. My application is deployed on Tomcat v6.0.28.
Below are the parameters defined in the services.xml for our service:

<parameter name="useOriginalwsdl">true</parameter>
<parameter name="modifyUserWSDLPortAddress">true</parameter>
<parameter name="transport.jms.ConnectionFactory" locked="false">MyConnectionFactory</parameter>
<parameter name="transport.jms.Destination" locked="false">TEST</parameter>
<parameter name="transport.jms.ReplyDestination" locked="false">java:comp/env/jms/MyOutQ</parameter>
<parameter name="transport.jms.ReplyDestinationType" locked="false">queue</parameter>
<parameter name="transport.jms.SessionAcknowledgement" locked="false">SESSION_TRANSACTED</parameter>
<parameter name="transport.jms.SessionTransacted" locked="false">true</parameter>
<parameter name="transport.jms.CacheLevel" locked="false">consumer</parameter>
<parameter name="transport.Transactionality" locked="false">local</parameter>

We are expecting to receive the response message in the queue attached with the jndi name
MyOutQ when we put the message to the TEST queue. Unfortunately everything works fine, but
we do not get any message in the reply queue. We created the same queue set up on ActiveMQ
and everything works fine.

Is there an issue with Axis2 and IBM Websphere MQ combination? Should I open a jira for this?

Many thanks for the help!!!!!!

Thanks and Regards,
Rajeev Verma

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