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From "Thallapragada, Sowmi" <>
Subject Class name clash in different namespaces
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2010 18:28:09 GMT

I have 2 versions of an XSD schema with similarly named objects but slightly different attributes.
Their namespaces are versioned so they are different (http://../v10/ vs. http://../v20/) .
One of the services we are developing unfortunately has to use both the schemas because of
legacy issues.

When I run wsdl2java, I see that the objects generated for the schema imported first are OK,
but the class names for objects in the second schema are appended with numbers (Axis2 1.3)
or the letter 'E' (Axis2 1.5.1). This is breaking the compilation of some of our existing
codegen objects.

Can someone tell me why this is happening? Aren't the class names keyed off the namespaces?
Is there any way to get around this issue?


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