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From Jorge Medina <>
Subject Reusing HTTP connection
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2010 15:30:13 GMT
   I am using Axis2 for my web services client to run an automated
test of my server.
   We were using Axis2 1.4.1 and recently we decided to use Axis2 1.5.1

   Our web service has a feature that allows to restrict how many
simultaneous requests are made by the same customer, resulting in a
SOAP fault if the limit is exceeded.
   We have an automated test for this.
   As soon as we upgraded to Axis2 1.5.1, the tests started to fail.

    Using TCPMon, I see that when using Axis2 1.4.1 I get one
connection per request (I see 9 HTTP request/response in TCPMon UI);
while when I use Axis2 1.5.1 I see that some HTTP connections are
being reused (I see up to 3 SOAP requests in the same HTTP connection,
therefore I only see 6 rows in TCPMon UI).

    This change in behaviour has the effect that my requests get
serialized even when these are sent by different threads (even when
each thread creates its own instance of the service). Therefore, my
automated test fails to get the expected SOAP fault.

    Does this behaviour has to do with the changes in Axis2 1.5.1?

                "We now share an instance of HTTPClient across each
ConfigurationContext (i.e.each Axis2 server or ServiceClient) -
                 connection reuse is now automatic. This means the
REUSE_HTTP_CLIENT flag is no longer necessary or useful, nor is
                 creating your own MultithreadedHttpConnectionManager."

    Is there a way to turn this off ?

    I tried without success the following:

      Options options = service._getServiceClient().getOptions();
      options.setProperty(HTTPConstants.REUSE_HTTP_CLIENT, Boolean.FALSE);


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