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From Andy Dysart <>
Subject RE: WCF 3.5 Client times out - caused by server ...
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2010 17:52:01 GMT
I can't give you a comprehensive answer, but re your "unknown timeout" - we've fought problems
like this that ended up being caused by firewalls, routers, and load balancers that had timeouts
configured in them.  A good tool to help understand where the timeout is occurring is Wireshark
or other similar packet capture tools.  It takes a little knowledge about how TCP/IP works,
but armed with that you can determine who is closing the connection (client or server), and
by monitoring close to the client versus close to the server, determine if an intermediate
party (e.g. firewall) is involved.

Based on your description of the problem it sounds like either a client configuration issue
or some intermediate.  You would not typically get a timeout error message at the client because
of a server (Tomcat or Axis2) setting in my experience.


From: Stadelmann Josef []
Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 12:44 PM
Subject: AW: WCF 3.5 Client times out - caused by server ...

It seems to me that no one likes to burn it's fingers with time-outs of the sort I am asking

The situation is as it is. My .NET WCF 3.5 client times out when the axis2 web service is
busy for more than  60000 milliseconds,

Maybe it's a timeout in Apache Jakarta Tomcat
Maybe it's a timeout in Axis2 or its HTTP-Transport (because I use that one)
Maybe it's just an yet unknown timeout which makes me head sick.

Axis2/Java is a huge servlet, as such a servlet has to work, such work can take time, and
now comes the question:

Which time-out feature in Apache Tomcat / JK, API, Connectors, triggers first, is responsible

a)     can close things like sockets,

b)    can take away resources belonging to a clients request which may hold resources on the
server for the duration of the back-end-work,

c)     which then creates an impact as given below, that is to say, the WCF Client cries that
there was a time out, and times out.

Or is Tomcat not the bad guy, but the Axis2-huge-servlet itself or it's transport?

In this case - which time-out shall I massage in axis2.xml or the like, or in  any other property
file, which avoids that sockets on which a request is pending time-out

A pointer and overview about all potential time-outs may help to cure this problem.

Any clue or hint is very appreciated.


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