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From Rich <>
Subject [Axis2] axis2server responds with a blank response
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2010 18:50:25 GMT

I've developed a service that started from wsdl2java code. I've tested 
the code to be working standalone, and have even previously had it 
running as an axis2 service. I'm running version 1.5 of axis2.

However, I keep having the problem that the server just responds to all 
external requests with 0 byte response. The debugging lines never print 
out from my service, so it doesn't seem like axis even forwards to the 
service method(s). If I go to the address the service is supposed to be 
running at, axis shows me the wsdl. Every indication would tell me it 
should be working...

This isn't the first time this happened either. When I first tried to 
get the service working the same issue was occurring. I had at the time 
been using maven to compile my service code, then manually jar->aar the 
code along with the wsdl and services.xml file. That didn't work, then a 
co-worker got a working .aar file using ant instead of maven to compile 
the code. But that doesn't seem like the variable to the solution 
anyway, as ant compilation is now giving this same issue.

Has anyone encountered this before? I've been trying everything and 
looking everywhere online for answers, but there's not much I feel I can 
do when the service is "up", no debug lines display, and the response is 


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