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From Dave Cherkassky <>
Subject How to get a Boolean (capital B)
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 15:07:28 GMT

Let's say I have the following in my WSDL:
   <xs:element name="isSupervisor" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" type="xs:boolean" />

When I run WSDL2JAVA, I get the following:
   protected boolean localIsSupervisor ;
   protected boolean localIsSupervisorTracker = false ;
   public  boolean getIsSupervisor(){
     return localIsSupervisor;
   public void setIsSupervisor(boolean param){
     if (false) {
       localIsSupervisorTracker = false;
     } else {
       localIsSupervisorTracker = true;

So that's all good.  The values are true and false.

However, let's say I want a Boolean (capital B), so that the values are null, Boolean.TRUE,
Boolean.FALSE.  How should I structure the WSDL to create a Boolean field?

As a follow-up, is there a reference somewhere that lists all the WSDL-to-Java type mappings
that Axis2 uses?

Many thanks,
Dave Cherkassky
   VP of Software Development
   DJiNN Software Inc.

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