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From "jamie" <>
Subject Re: Multiple classes
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2010 08:36:04 GMT
>From what I can tell this is not possible. You need to create
multiple service classes within a service group. Apparently,
though I have not confirmed, session state is shared across
multiple groups.

On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 19:00 +0200, "jamie" <>

Hi There

I am an Axis newbie,  trying to design a web service API for a
server product. When using the Axis2 Code Generator plugin, I
find it extremely easy to generate a web service using a single
class, but I am baffled as to how to construct an entire API with
multiple classes. Since my API is large, I'd like to group
functions into multiple classes. In other words, assuming I have:

public class WebService() {

 public static void execA1(String a) {..}
 public static void execA2(String a) {..}
 public static void execB1(String a) {..}
 public static void execB2(String a) {..}


I'd like to  have:

public class WebService() {
     public static A getA() { return new A(): }
     public static B getB() { return new B(); }

public class A() {
 public  void execA1(String a) {..}
 public  void execA2(String a) {..}

public class B() {
 public  void execB1(String a) {..}
 public  void execB2(String a) {..}

Obviously, the above does not work, unless execB1,etc. are
getters and setters.

How do I code it such that the Axis client code can access
different classes and call "static" methods on those objects.
Bear in mind that I'd like to have one login session across all

My sincere apologies if this is obvious.
Thanks in advance


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