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From "Colin Sharples [DATACOM]" <>
Subject JMS reply message not removed from queue
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2010 21:13:00 GMT
I am using SOAP/JMS on Axis2 1.5.1, running in Glassfish v3 with
ActiveMQ as the JMS transport.


I have got my web services working with the JMS transport - the client
seems to receive the reply message successfully. However, when I look in
the ActiveMQ console, it seems that the reply message is still on the
reply queue. Is the transport not committing the read on the reply queue
or something?


I have specified the reply queue in the soap binding, e.g. 




extFactory&amp;java.naming.provider.url=tcp://localhost:61616" />


Everything else is working, but I don't want messages left lying around
on the reply queue. Is there some configuration I'm missing or is this a


Colin Sharples


Solutions Architect | Datacom Systems & Integration

Email: | Mob: +64-27-457-6628


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