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From Marc Esher <>
Subject How to debug TypeMapping problem?
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2010 15:28:59 GMT
Greetings all,
  I've got some code generated via wsdl2java, but modified,
subclassed, monkeyed with, etc. I'm trying to debug a problem where it
*looks* like the returntype and returnclass are set correctly, but
Axis is constructing the soap request envelope with a different return
type. Basically, I'm trying to trace through the code to figure out
what I'm doing wrong -- i.e. why it's set to "Map" vs. my custom type,
and I'm having no luck. Any tips for finding whereabouts Axis decides
"use this type for the returnType in the soap envelope" is much

This is using Axis 1.4 from 2006.



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