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From "Philippe A." <>
Subject pkcs11 fork bug on Solaris 10
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 15:15:53 GMT

My project consists of web services calling various shell scripts. That
implies a fork of the VM running Axis each time a service is called. I have
hit a very peculiar bug when sending web service requests over https: from
time to time, the child process would hang completely. This prevented Axis
to continue processing other requests normally. It needed a restart. After
investigating for a while I have discovered the source of the problem. It is
a bug in the pkcs11 security provider implementation:

I worked around the problem by editing jre/lib/ as proposed in
one of the reports. I have been bombing Axis with requests for the last
minutes and so far everything looks good. It never resisted this long.

JMeter has been very useful to stress-test our web services (memory
consumption, robustness). In order to send test requests over https, you
have to know you must use SOAP/XML-RPC requests and not Webservices(SOAP)

I am letting you guys know since it could save someone else a lot of time.

I am also posting this because I would like to understand better what is the
role of pkcs11. Can it have any effect on Axis2 to disable it?


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