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Subject RE: Newbie needs help/resources crafting AXIS2 services.xml
Date Wed, 23 Dec 2009 03:34:21 GMT
Good evening all,

Kamran is correct, because of certain limitations I used MyEclipse to
generate JAX-WS web services from a WSDL file.  I haven't changed any
annotations so wsdlLocation does correctly point to the relative location
of the WSDL is located.

What I've seen today is that with a freshly generated project the
in-Eclipse Tomcat correctly builds, deploys and serves the project (ie.
the full WSDL is served).  I have been using axis2-1.2.jar and other JARs
to build and then serve the very same project (w ant tasks), but a reduced
WSDL is served (sans complexTypes).  Comparing the in-Eclipse build vs the
ant-build, the only differences are a context.xml (which causes startup
errors if missing), an almost empty and, and the 22 JARs I cobbled together to make compile-time
and serve-time errors disappear.  So I have to assume this is the victim
of annotations not telling the full WSDL story, though all annotations
seem to exist in the classes and on their fields.

Then I tried building and serving with the Eclipse-Tomcat's javaee.jar +
commons-logging, but the app never fully deploys (base webapp directory is
MyEclipse-specific).  I also tried another approach and downloaded the
AXIS2 1.3 zip file, but there is no axis2-1.3.jar in it, and several
others seem to be missing so that seems like a dead end.

Earlier I found out that I cannot directly use the zip-downloaded aar or
code generation tools for AXIS2 since I cannot find an Eclipse plugin
directory from the MyEclipse-fully-integrated IDE.  I did so on a second
machine (Eclipse-only) and the services.xml and other files of course
related to Java classes completely unrelated to the JAX-WS generated from

So I feel like I've tried every approach, and I am still looking for an
ant-build version as successful as the IDE version.  I'd at least like a
better understanding of what is going wrong here - is JAX-WS incompatible
with AXIS2?



> It seems to me that the original poster is using JAX-WS.  As I understand
> it, wsimport, rather than wsdl2java is what he should be using?  Maybe I
> am
> wrong.  Also, if he is using jax-ws annotations, while I understand he can
> still use a services.xml, just to have axis2 use his wsdl, he just needs
> to
> set his @WebService annotation's wsdlLocation parameter.  Please correct
> me
> if%

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