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Subject WSDL errors on AXIS/2 but works elsewhere?
Date Sun, 06 Dec 2009 05:36:04 GMT
Hello all,

BACKGROUND: I have a WSDL file which others are successfully using.  I
have generated the background code and all structures from it (with a
slightly older MyEclipse), and sending/receiving dummy data works for the
basics.  This is also my first time creating a web service from a provided

PROBLEM: Using the Eclipse SOAP Explorer I query for and get the WSDL
file, but it also shows a slew of validation errors.  Meanwhile the
company who created the WSDL uses another SOAP client and they don't see
the errors, just the partial WSDL.  When I hit the same URL with a web
browser it shows the XML, but it is about 1/8 of the original file size
(5k instead of 42k).  The most obvious problem is that every
xs:complexType is missing from the returned WSDL - in fact the xsd:schema
definitions are empty except for the import tags which are being reported
as errors (see below).

I thought the XML itself was corrupt or the namespace URLs (which I don't
think are valid URLs) were the problem, but others have confirmed that
they are using the same WSDL successfully even though I had problems with
it in the w3 validator.  I also wondered if it was because of some
networking/firewall issues, but the referenced targetNamespace is pingable
from the development machine and server.

At this point I'm grasping at straws to identify where the problem is
happening (within JAX-WS? AXIS? Apache? Tomcat?), let alone the cause of
the problem and what I can do about it.  Maybe I have some mis-matched JAR
files - at least on the server I used findjar to solve Java problems.  The
problem with that theory is that MyEclipse's internal server should be
JAR-consistent but has the same problems serving the WSDL.

Thanks for any feedback!


--------- part of errors reported from SOAP Explorer:
IWAB0380E Errors were encountered while validating XML schemas.
XSD: Type reference
is unresolved
XSD: Type reference
is unresolved
XSD: The location 'http://server:8080/test/webservice?xsd=5' has not been
resolved because the import is unused
XSD: There is no xmlns declaration for namespace
IWAB0381I http://server:8080/test/webservice?wsdl was successfully open

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