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Subject RE: Use XMLBeans with Axis1?
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2009 16:53:41 GMT
Specifically, I need to see exactly how you tell wsdl2java to use
xmlbeans.  I'm using the Ant task. I don't need to know that I can, I
just need to know how to do it.  I've examined the available options for
the Ant task, and I just don't see it.


From: Olindo Pindaro [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 1:13 AM
Subject: Re: Use XMLBeans with Axis1?


"wsdl2java" could use xmlbeans  when you invoking it to map wsdl objects
in java beans.


You can use SOAPUI , a GUI to automate webservice code generation using
Axis1 o 2 (and not only axis), to do that.


So on generated classes you can manipulate objects using get & set, so
xmlBeans is transparent to the programmer, you can see it just as
included packeges in generated classes.


I hope to be more clear.




2009/11/17 KARR, DAVID (ATTCINW) <>

Ok, I guess I should have worded my question differently.


Can you tell me HOW you did it?  Show me the required elements and what
they look like.


From: Olindo Pindaro [] 
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 2:59 PM
Subject: Re: Use XMLBeans with Axis1?


I just relased a project using Axis 1.4 with xmlbeans. 


No problem, the "Integration" is natural, seamless.



2009/11/16 KARR, DAVID (ATTCINW) <>

I know that usage of Axis1 is probably pretty rare now, but I wanted to
know whether there is any (successful) experience integrating Axis1 with
XMLBeans.  I've done some searches on the internet, and the only ones I
found were people who gave up. :)

Olindo Pindaro 
+39 3939455830

Olindo Pindaro 
+39 3939455830

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