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From sri ram <>
Subject Regarding XMLBeans generation Of files
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 09:20:23 GMT
Hi all,

As we know that XMLbeans generates a lot of file reading the schema.
I have tried my best to modify the schema to best known format to reduce the number of files.
And I have been succesfull in doing that .

What I see is that  there are a lot of unused methods that are getting generated in  files
that  are generated .Unused in my code of implementation.
For example there are a lot of overloaded parse methods that are generated ,which are
 public and static  and hence need to be loaded in the memory even if they are used or not.
So my concern is can we suppress the generation of these methods
by using some options in the command line (while compiling the schema).
Else can we change the source code of the XMLBeans generator to get the required methods.
If yes what are jars that   we can modify without violating any of the rules of open source
code .

I have attached two files to show the  number of methods that are actually in use.
And  what we want to achieve.

The number of files that are generated are 4029  .
The number of line we want to reduce is 50 line in each file .
ie approx 50 * 4000= 200,000

Our schema is ever increasing  with every version.
It will allow my application to work better and faster.

Can someone quickly respond to it.

Thanks in advance 


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