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From "srini.maran" <>
Subject Re: XML Unmarshalling/ Data Binding
Date Mon, 19 Oct 2009 13:42:07 GMT

Here is the sample code to convert XM to object using ADB binding

Refering IBM article Library example - Input Object getBook

First convert XML schema to Object using wsdl2java - ADB binding

String xmlStr = "<GetBook>  <isbn>123456</isbn> </GetBook>"

if you get an unexpected sub element, please specify
xmlns='' in GetBook element.  ADB
requires xmlns in the element.

Instatiate the main element obejct (Eg. refering IBM article Library

XMLStreamReader reader = XMLInputFactory.newInstance()
		.createXMLStreamReader(new ByteArrayInputStream(xmlStr.getBytes()));
System.out.println("Getting Object");
GetBook gb = GetBook .Factory.parse(reader);

// to verify that the xml coverted to object succesfully or not, print the
XML from coverted object
System.out.println("Retrive XML from Object "
           + gb.getOMElement(gb.MY_QNAME,

GetBook1 gb1 = new GetBook1();

System.out.println("Retrive XML from Object "
           + gb1.getOMElement(gb1.MY_QNAME,

jcaristi wrote:
> There are three Axis2 options for this, which are clearly explained in
> this article:
> Note that you would probably want to use these in place of JAXB, not in
> addition to it.  If you want to use JAXB, you should probably stick with a
> pure JAX-WS solution and skip the Axis data binding.
> kushal12 wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can somebody tell me if, there is a way by which you can convert the
>> incoming XML to a java object using Axis ??
>> I am trying to call a webservice and the client for which has been
>> written in Axis.
>> Now Client in turn gets the input data to be passsed to the service in
>> the form of XML. 
>> If I use Jaxb to unmarshal the incoming data, Jaxb generates its own set
>> of java classes for the xml, which are different in names, as those
>> generated by axis, as a part of wsdl2java tool.
>> Is there any way by which I can driectly copy the java object returned by
>> JAXB into the one generated by Axis ?
>> Have tried beanutils, but it expects all the property names in the source
>> and destination object to be same ?
>> Regards
>> Kushal

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