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From "Wacław Schiller" <>
Subject Re: Problem deploying axis on jboss
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2009 11:06:33 GMT
Wacław Schiller pisze:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to deploy a .war file with some things, axis amongst it, to 
> a Jboss-4.0.5 server.
> I have a WSDL file I'm writing webservice server for. The wsdl2java 
> generated some code, and now I'm trying to integrate and deploy it.
> Thing is, when I deploy the app, I get no errors. I can see the list 
> of deployed services at the servlet address (the "And now... Some 
> Services" page). I see my service, but when I try to click the wsdl 
> link, I get an error "Could not generate WSDL! There is no SOAP 
> service at this location". In server logs I get a beatull AxisFault
> {}stackTrace:The AXIS engine could not find 
> a target service to invoke!  targetService is null
> It sees that something is deployed at that adress, because when I 
> delete the ?wsdl parameter I see familiar "this is an AXIS service" 
> message, and when I change name to something else I get standard "No 
> service is available at this URL.
> I guess I'm missing something obvious, but I don't know what. Can 
> someone point me in the right direction? Or ask what required info I 
> haven't provided?
> Torinthiel
Ok, I've figured out what was the problem.
I didn't want to (and lated proved couldn't) use standard deployment 
method, with first deploying Axis and later invoking 
org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient class with deploy.wsdd.
I wanted a standalone .war file, that I could deploy and it should work.
It also later proved, that I couldn't do it the documented way, because 
AdminService accepts connections only from localhost, and I didn't find 
a way to call it if application server is bound to a specific interface.

What I did, was simply renamed deploy.wsdd to server-config.wsdd and put 
in in WEB-INF directory.
As there's no default server-config.wsdd available in the binary release 
and nothing in documentation suggests there are some more required 
elements in server-config, I was certain that it should work.
What would help is

a) put default server-config.wsdd in the web-app directory for binary 
release (it's quite hard to find even if you download the sources)


b) put a standalone deployment description somewhere in the documentation.

As for now, deploying standalone is simply try and guess, with no 
sensible error messages.


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