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From Ramya K Grama <>
Subject Re: Sharing data between web services
Date Sun, 06 Sep 2009 17:47:03 GMT
Thanks! I will try these suggestions and keep you posted.

However, I still need to know how to call a web service from a Servlet.
Is it as simple as any other POJO client or is there more to it?


On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 9:39 AM, Deepal Jayasinghe<> wrote:
> If it is run time data I would suggest to store in ConfigurationContext
> (if there are not belong to the same servie group), if they belong to
> the same service group then you can store in the service group context.
> If you deploy the service in transport session you will get access to
> the HTTP session related info, and you can access them using message
> context.
> Thanks,
> Deepal
> Isuru Suriarachchi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If you want to share data between web services, the best way is to use
>> the Axis Configuration. You can access the Axis config through Message
>> context. So Add your data object into Axis Config as follows.
>> MessageContext mc = MessageContext.getCurrentMessageContext();
>> mc.getConfigurationContext().getAxisConfiguration().addParameter(name,
>> object);
>> To retrieve it from any other web service,
>> mc.getConfigurationContext().getAxisConfiguration().getParameter(name);
>> Thanks,
>> ~Isuru
>> On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 8:21 AM, Ramya K Grama <
>> <>> wrote:
>>     Hello:
>>     Is there a way to access the HTTPSession object from the Axis2 web
>>     service - either in the MessageReceiverInOut/Skeleton OR is there a
>>     way to share data between webservices using OperationContext
>>     somehow???
>>     Here is some background info behind my question:
>>     In our group of web services, there is a need for the web services to
>>     have access to look up data that resides in the database.
>>     My first approach to making this possible is:
>>      1: to have a CacheService that reads the lookup data from the DB and
>>     saves it in OperationContext somehow (I need to figure out the details
>>     of how this can be done).
>>      2: All other web services should be able to get hold of this java
>>     object from the OperationContext.
>>      3: Since the lookup data can change, the CacheService needs to be
>>     triggered, say every 15mins or so, by a ServletContext Listener that
>>     will be configured to load on Tomcat startup, and sleep for 15mins or
>>     so and re-trigger the request to the CacheService to get the fresh
>>     data from DB and refresh the cache.
>>     Challenge in this approach: Other web services accessing the data from
>>     the OperationContext - not sure if this is possible????
>>     Second approach:
>>     1. Have a ServletContext listner, configured to load on server
>>     startup, do the DB access to get the lookup data and store the data in
>>     HTTPSession.
>>     2. Have other web services access the HTTPSession object somehow (not
>>     sure how???) and voila! problem solved!
>>     Challenge in this approach: Not sure if a web service can have access
>>     to a HTTPSession object of the "axis2" web application. If so how????
>>     Has anybody else come across a similar issue, if so what has been your
>>     approach, has it been different than the two approaches I have in
>>     mind.
>>     If so what are they? If not, any ideas on how I could resolve the 2
>>     challenges in my 2 approaches?
>>     Your timely help is highly appreciated!!!
>>     Thanks!
>>     wsNewbie
>> --
>> Senior Software Engineer,
>> WSO2 Inc.
>> Blog :
> --
> Thank you!

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