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From Chinmoy Chakraborty <>
Subject Re: Writing a service with multiple operations
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 13:21:38 GMT
You can have multiple operations for a single service name. You just need to
set the action (operation name) of a service you want to invoke.

          Options options = new Options();
          RPCServiceClient client = new RPCServiceClient();
and your service name should be .../service/service_name.


On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 6:36 PM, Chris Mannion

> Hi all
> I've been re-building my old Axis based web-services as Axis2 services
> but am a little puzzled about one issue.  Two of the services I have
> make multiple operations available so I'm just wondering how I got
> about building that with Axis2.  All the other services that I've
> managed to deploy so far all have only one operation so I've managed
> to build Java classes with one method which takes an OMElement as
> input without really understanding how Axis2 knows that that's the
> correct method to call when the web-service is invoked.  Now that
> there will be multiple methods to match multiple operations on the
> web-service, I really need to properly understand how Axis determines
> which class method relates to which WS operation.  Is it as simple as
> making sure the methods have the same name as the operations or is
> there something more complicated I'll need to do?
> --
> Chris Mannion
> iCasework and LocalAlert implementation team
> 0208 144 4416

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