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From JFeisty <>
Subject Passing 2 byte arrays to web service is yielding strange results
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2009 22:19:35 GMT

Axis newbie here....I have a very simple (pojo) web service and am serving it
using Axis2 v1.5 in Tomcat 6.  I have one web method called test().  It
takes as a parameter a 'Placeholder' object.  That 'Placeholder' object has
two private byte array fields exposed with getters and setters.  Here is the
server-side code:

public class TestWS {	
	public void test(Placeholder p) {
		System.out.println("Placeholder.first size: " + p.getFirst().length);
		System.out.println("Placeholder.second size: " + p.getSecond().length);

public class Placeholder {
	private byte[] first = null;
	private byte[] second = null;

	public byte[] getFirst() {
		return first;

	public void setFirst(byte[] first) {
		this.first = first;

	public byte[] getSecond() {
		return second;

	public void setSecond(byte[] second) {
		this.second = second;

I call this web method and set the Placeholder's 'first' property to a
5-byte byte array and the 'second' property to a 2-byte byte array.  The
output is very surprising:

Placeholder.first size: 5
Placeholder.second size: 5

What is going on here?  Why is the second byte array the same as the first?

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