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From Håkon Sagehaug <>
Subject SimpleHTTPServer and spring
Date Mon, 20 Jul 2009 08:25:08 GMT
Hi all

I've got a web service deployed and running in axis2, so now I wanted to
make a test environment for this service using the SimpleHTTPServer. I
deploy my service using SimpleHTTPServer call the service, and validate the
response. I managed to do this with a simple echo service, but my more
advanced service uses spring for injecting some beans that is used for
talking to my db, and was wondering how can I provide the spring context to
the SimpleHTTPServer so that my service get the beans it needs. In my
production service I get the needed bean like this

ServletContext servletContext = (ServletContext) MessageContext
            webCtx = WebApplicationContextUtils
            entityManagerFactory = (EntityManagerFactory) webCtx


    UserDAO userDAO = (UserDAO) webCtx.getBean("userDao");

I use tomcat as my container.  So I need help in how I can supplay the
SimpleHTTPServer with my spring context.

Any tips

cheers, Håkon

Håkon Sagehaug, Scientific Programmer
Parallab, Bergen Center for Computational Science (BCCS)
UNIFOB AS (University of Bergen Research Company)

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