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From "GATTAZ, Olivier" <>
Subject Woden WSDL504 warning
Date Fri, 17 Jul 2009 10:31:05 GMT
I read a response that Keith Chapman wrote about the "Woden WSDL504
warning" in a thread of this mailing list : "You have got this error
cause Woden was unable to get the schema online. Its not a big deal
Even this warning is not a very big deal, it can stop the starting of
Tomcat (eg. Windows  service) when the Axis2 web application tries to
deploy a Webservices which has an explicit "wsdl2" file in its "aar"
For exemple when I put the "StudentService.aar" file ( see "RESTful Web
Services with Apache Axis2"
<blocked::>  ) in the "services" folder of
an Axis2 v1.5 web application deployed in a Tomcat v6.0.20 server, I got
these lines in the tomcat log file:
Woden[Warning],0:0,WSDL504,Could not locate the schema document at URL "
n reset
Woden[Warning],0:0,WSDL504,Could not locate the schema document at URL "
Woden[Warning],0:0,Description-1001,The targetNamespace
'' is not dereferencable.
[INFO] Deploying Web service: StudentService.aar -

If the timeout of Tomcat service is not valued to more than 120 seconds,
tomcat doesn't start !
I tried to add a "Proxy" parameter in the axis configuration file like
it's described in the article : "How to Configure A Proxy In Apache
but the http client used by Woden seems to ignore this.
I tried to add a proxy definition using the Java networking properties
( -Dhttp.proxyPort=5678 http.proxyUser=user
http.proxyPassword=pass -Dhttp.auth.ntlm.domain=DOMAIN   ) : Woden seems
to use these informations, the deploying duration of the web service
decrease a lot and there is no warning message in the tomcat log file

Even it seems to work well, this way is not satisfactory because the
definition of a proxy at the jvm level overrides those of the
configuration of Axis2 and the method "configure" of class
"org.apache.axis2.transport.http.ProxyConfiguration" does not support
NTLM authentication in this case !  => I think that's a bug.

How can I tell to Woden to don't try to get the schema online ? is there
a configuration file for this ?

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