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From Axis PC <>
Subject issues with xmlschema1.4.2.jar and jaxb
Date Mon, 08 Jun 2009 18:52:21 GMT

Has anyone faced the following issue?:

1. I have a wsdl which has multiple schema imports. For example

                abc.wsdl has x.xsd and y.xsd imports. y.xsd in turn imports

2. From what I see...xmlschema-1.4.2.jar doesnt like it. In XmlSchema 1.4.x,
the schema collection can only have a single schema instance for a sysid+ns
combination? (read this somewhere). So once I reverted back to
xmlSchema-1.3.x.jar, my scenario started working fine.

Is there any work around for this - without having to replace the newer jar
with the older jar?

I am using axis 1.4.1 and am using jax-ws style web services.


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