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From Demetris G <>
Subject Re: Axis WS on mobile devices
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 20:52:16 GMT

Dennis - sorry for the multiple postings - do you have any experience 
with kSOAP/kSOAP2 and
do you think that could also be a viable solution for hosting WS on J2ME 


Dennis Sosnoski wrote:
> Hi Demetris,
> Part of the problem is that J2ME compatibility is not the easiest 
> thing to determine - it's not like you can just set a compiler option 
> and have any compatibility problems reported during the build.
> JiBX used to work on mobile devices, though I think the J2ME 
> compatibility for the runtime has been lost over the last year or two. 
> If you'd like to give it a try, I'll look into fixing whatever needs 
> to be changed (some uses of ArrayList and HashMap, from what I 
> remember, along with some java.sql class references). You could then 
> use the JiBX/WS web services support for your J2ME platform: 
> JiBX/WS is significantly faster than Axis2 when used for plain text 
> web services, and if we decided to implement XBIS and TCP/IP support 
> for J2ME as well it'd be several times faster.
>  - Dennis
> Dennis M. Sosnoski
> XML and Web Services in Java
> Training and Consulting
> -
> Seattle, WA +1-425-939-0576 - Wellington, NZ +64-4-298-6117
> Demetris G wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>    I asked this question before (twice) but I didn't get a single 
>> response, interestingly enough.
>> I am assuming by now that there is no mobile version of Axis/Axis2 
>> and all the stories I hear
>> about people getting Web services to work on mobiles is a fiction ...
>>    Has anyone managed to run Web Services (servers primarily) on 
>> mobile devices (either
>> CDC, CLDC, scripting, Web Runtime etc.)? I will appreciate any 
>> feedback on something
>> like this.
>> Thanks very much

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