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From <>
Subject Receiving swa attachments
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 14:45:57 GMT
Hi group,


I am getting a bit frustrated with swa attachments. For reason of
compatibility I have to support them. I am trying to upload a file with
swa to a service. I can see via tcpmon that my file is being sent, but
on the server side I can't see the file in the attachments map. It is
just not there. I have compared my coe with the swa example and also
changed the swa example with my code, but I had no success.


The code on the server side looks like this:

MessageContext mctx = MessageContext.getCurrentMessageContext();

Attachments attachs = mctx.getAttachmentMap();

List<String> cids = attachs.getContentIDList();

String soapCid = attachs.getSOAPPartContentID();


String url = "not stored";

for (String cid : cids) {

    if (!cid.equals(soapCid)) {

        url = writeAttachmentToDisk(mctx.getAttachment(cid), cid);




I filter out the soap part which is also listed in the attachments, but
the list cids always only contains the soapPartContentID.


In the articles on ws02 they always mention that you don't have to
specify a special option to receive swa attachments. I am probably
missing sth. out. Can anybody help me here?


Thanks in advance,


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