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From Niels Boem <>
Subject Axis2/wsdl2java - different source code generated when using different JRE versions!
Date Sat, 30 May 2009 09:07:43 GMT




We have a WSDL centric solution and therefor uses wsd2java to generate the server side skeletons

(and client code to test our solution). The actual real clients are using a variety of differnt
WS implementations (gSOAP etc)


A long time (big) problem is that the generated code does not honor the order of the WSDL
tags defined in the WSDL file. 

But since we "own" the server interface, the clients have simply made sure that the tags are
sent in the order that the Axis2 server

expects them.


Now to my last finding:

I accidently noticed that wsdl2java generates source code that expects the order of the tags
*differently* if I run wsd2ljava with a Sun JRE 1.5 or a Sun JRE 1.6

Actually when using 1.6 the code generated validates the tags in a more correct way (e.g.
closer to the WSDL defintion)


I'm actually a bit surprised over my finding and perhaps there is some simple explanation.
I realize that differences in java seralization can be involved.




Using WinXP, Axis2 1.3







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