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From "J. Hondius" <>
Subject Re: Please help, pojo "global variable"
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 13:52:32 GMT
I think i found a way.
See below.
Please comment on it.

J. Hondius schreef:
> Hi,
> Please help.
> I have a need for a variable that is globally accessible from my 
> service implementation.
> The normal way to do this in java is using statics AFAIK.
> I am however painfully aware that i cannot use static variables in axis2.
> They will be shared across all service instances, and persist after 
> the service call is done.
> I believe this has to do with the axis2 classloader.
> I really need to use some globally accessible variable in my service 
> implementation though! How do i go about?
> My service implementation is a pojo BTW.
> Greetings from Holland, Joek

Im registring the "global variable" as a property in the messagecontext.
Access to this "global variable/messagecontect property" is via a getter 
and setter in a obeject that is a static itself.
Because its a static its acessible from anywhere in the code.
Testing reveils that the values do not get messed up.

PS a am aware that using globals is not a nice thing.

Example code:

the wrapper class for the get/set access
public class GlobalHolder{
    // staticly instantiate itself
    public static GlobalHolder globalholder = new GlobalHolder();

    public int getGlobalVar() {
        MessageContext messageContext = 
         return (Integer) messageContext.getProperty("globalvar");

    public int setGlobalVar(int pValue) {
        MessageContext messageContext = 
         messageContext.setProperty("globalvar", pValue);

in the Main class
public class Mainclass {
    public Mainclass(){
         //constructor: make sure the property exists to avoid null pointers

    public int myMethod(){
        // go about getting and setting it everywhere in the code.
        return GlobalHolder.globalholder.getGlobalVar();


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