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From sachin shah <>
Subject Help Required for SOAP/JMS
Date Wed, 20 May 2009 15:46:45 GMT


Need help with SOAP/JMS implementation with AXIS2.

My scenario is as below I just wanted to ensure I am putting right information in my documents
before confirming preferred framework for problem in hand. 

The component I am developing need to provide access to non tibco client to the services deployed
on Tibco ESB. Reference Architecture of the client mandates that all service acess should
be through SOAP/JMS and only presentation services should use SOAP/HTTP. Hence I think I will
be using just a Axis2 client to send messages using SOAP/JMS transport as below.

1) WSDL will be provided for the service that is deployed on ESB
2) Generate AXIS2 client to use this WSDL and create stubs. 
3) I will expose a custom java interface for all non tibco client to access any service on
the ESB. 
4) This custom java interface will delegate the call to generated axis2 client to send request
using transport SOAP/JMS. 
5) I am not sure of Axis2's SOAP/JMS implementation if it is synchronous or asynchronous or
both (configurable)? I would think it should be transperant to client hence synchronous. 
6) If it is asynchronous, do I need to develop a listener (MDB) in my application to receive
response or again AXIS2 supports through some sort of JMSReceiver and I just configure for
that particular service? 
7) With respect to other requirements of security, encryption, message signing etc. I am assuming
filter chain and modules will do the trick? Am I correct to assume this. 

1) Do I need to do any configuration for queues or topic to be used? or this is taken care
by the WSDL and generated stubs. 
2) Is Axis2's SOAP/JMS implementation synchronous or asynchronous?
3) If Asynchronous do I have to develop custom components (MDB) to receive response. 
4) Other requirements like security, encryption, message signing etc. will be possible to
implement using modules and filter chain. 

Any help is appreciated. If you can point to similar implementation (other JMS provider) it
will be really helpful. 



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