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From Chris Mannion <>
Subject Migrating from Axis1.x to Axis2
Date Wed, 27 May 2009 15:41:54 GMT
Hi all

I have a couple of questions relating to migrating a system up to
Axis2 that don't seem to be covered in the documentation and wondered
if anyone could help.  Firstly, all the classes implementing our
web-services on Axis1.x are built as "Message" style services, that is
the method that implements the service works directly with the
SOAPEnvelopes received and sent by the web-service.  Is there any
equivalent in Axis2 that we can adapt our existing code to, or would
we have to rebuild the code in a new style (I can only find mention of
the approach which uses the OM elements as input and output).

Secondly, we currently use Axis within another Tomcat webapp to
implement web-services on that webapp.  So far I can only find
documentation on how to deploy Axis2 as a stand-alone webapp, is it
possible to use Axis2 without another app?  If so, any guidelines on
how that would be done would be appreciated, thanks.

Chris Mannion
iCasework and LocalAlert implementation team
0208 144 4416

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