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From Sagara Gunathunga <>
Subject Re: Axis2 service and spring problem, can't find Spring's ApplicationContext.
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 15:45:26 GMT
Hi Azazel ,

> But later
> when I tried using the context I get
> from ApplicationContextHolder.getContext() I found that it has value null???
> Anyone know why?

Here, how you try to use context .and can you provide error trace you
got  ....? i cant get any clue with supplied details .

> .   ApplicationContext ctx = ApplicationContextHolder.getContext();

I don't think you need to have this  line to access SpringContext
explicitly , because "MyServ " is already a Spring manged bean. if you
want to access any other bean inside "MyServ " use Spring injection
instead of access through ApplicationContextHolder.

as a example if you want to access "dbService" bean , just add setter
and getter methods to"MyServ " class and use appContext.xml file to
inject that "dbService"

<bean id="MyServ"
        <property name="dbService"  ref="dbService"/>


I think you already familiar with this approach :)

with Axis2 you can use Spring programing approach without any
modification. I think this will resolve your problem too.

Thanks ,

Sagara Gunathunga

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